We define sustainability as meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

Operating in multiple geographies - and running a company with paper at its core - Spangler Graphics is extremely aware of the interdependence and fragility of our world. We consider it our foremost responsibility to operate in ways consistent with maintaining the quality of our environment, including recycling, using earth-friendly inks and doing business with other like-minded entities. In every choice we make, we strive to behave in ways generations to follow us will respect.

Inspire Earth... Spangler Graphics offers an exclusive brand of environmentally responsible paper: Inspire Earth. Superior characteristics include 10% Post Consumer Waste, triple forest certification and outstanding printability that equates to less waste. For a swatch book or more information, contact your local sales representative.

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)... All operating companies are Forest Stewardship Council-certified by the Ranforest Alliance. The FSC certified label provides a credible link between responsible production and consumption of forest products, enabling consumers and businesses to make purchasing decisions that benefit people and the environment as well as providing ongoing business value.

Sustainable Forestry Intiative (SFI)... We are also certified through the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. SFI chain-of-custody certification is an accounting system that tracks fiber content through production and manufacturing to the end product.